How to make a claim

I have to make a case, what do I do?

In case of a crisis, you should initially call our 24-hour Emergency Helpline.

This number is likewise included in your Terms and Conditions booklet. For every single other case and to get a case structure please phone our Claims Helpline on 0203 126 4135 (Monday – Friday 8 am to 8 pm Saturday 8 am – 5 pm).

You should give:

  • Your name,
  • Your Policy Number found at the highest point of your Certificate of Insurance,
  • Your location including the postcode,

The area under which you wish to make a case.

In an example, we ask that you tell us inside 28 days of you getting mindful of an occurrence or misfortune prompting a case and you return your finished case structure and any extra data to us as quickly as time permits.

How might I spare time while presenting a case?

Our Teleclaims procedure can assist you with sparing time and exertion. Basically call 0203 126 4135, where our cases handler will take you through the subtleties of your guarantee and finish every vital structure for your benefit. On the off chance that you don’t have all fundamental data to hand, you will be educated with respect to the necessary documentation and we will mastermind a get back to, at a time advantageous for you.

By and large, Teleclaims can be settled during the underlying call and shut inside 10 working long periods of being submitted.

Things that may defer your case

The time allotment taken to settle a case relies upon every individual case. Anyway settlement of your case can be deferred for a few reasons, most ordinarily:

Off base data being given during any phase of the case call. Full and exact subtleties of your case should be given when calling the cases helpline.

Similarly, as with each 美国旅游保险  approach, there are points of confinement and prohibitions or circumstances which are not secured. To maintain a strategic distance from superfluous frustration and postponements in preparing qualified cases to please set aside some effort to comprehend what spread is given by your movement protection arrangement before you travel and before you make a case. The proper segment in your Policy Terms and Conditions booklet will give you what is and isn’t secured, and any conditions, restrictions, and avoidances.

Certain parts of your movement protection spread may expect the documentation to prove your case. You should check the area under which you are guaranteeing for particular conditions and subtleties of any supporting proof you have to give to us. We require unique documentation; photocopies won’t be acknowledged and can prompt a postponement in the settlement of your case.

Top 5 hints to assist you with presenting your case

In the event that a thing of your property is lost or taken while you are on vacation please recall that you should consistently get a police report. On the off chance that this isn’t possible attempt your lodging the executives, your movement delegate, your estate proprietor/the board – somebody in power who can vouch for the episode and set it in motion for you.

On the off chance that your stuff doesn’t show up on the merry go round, guarantee you go legitimately to the airside aircraft work area, or their agent to report your misfortune. You will at that point need to acquire a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to submit to us with your case. You won’t have the option to get a PIR once you have left the air terminal so please report it as quickly as time permits and before leaving the air terminal structure.

Furthermore, when your stuff is postponed attempt to get composed affirmation of when it is conveyed back to you to show the length of your things delay, enabling us to accurately repay you.j


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